We believe that real beauty is inside of the human's soul. Often times, we form our first impression only with our eyes - and they are huge liars.

"Me Goosta" is a dating web app, that aims to break the pattern of choosing with eyes. How? First, you blindly decide, whom you will be chatting with. Second, the longer you chat with person, the clearer you can see him/her.

Sometimes, life leaves us presents in the most unexpected spots. Allow your destiny to lead you!

[Danger zone! For geeks only]

This website is fully anonymous and decentralized. We use WebRTC technology to provide peer-to-peer text chat and video-sharing. No registration, usersnames, passwords, no server.

Other technologies used in this project are: Clojure Script, Om/React, Firebase, Grunt, Jade, Stylus, CSS filters, jQuery, Drags.js. Chat part is heavily based on our entry for Static Showdown Hackathon 2014.

Sometimes demo may not work because of: browser version, operating system, network issues and who knows what else. So, if it doesn't work, this is how it should approx look like.

Dream Team

Anton Podviaznikov (Developer) & Maryna Aleksandrova (Designer).

This dating web app was designed & developed for Static Showdown Hackathon 2015.